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The brand NGR® has been known for many years for high quality and extraordinary natural stone products originating from more than 20 countries. We are a medium-sized owner operated enterprise and work with retail clients and producers on three continents.

Our customers are serviced with individually developed merchandise as well as professional support in logistics- and marketing services. NGR® understands the practical challenges and risks of global purchasing as well as the trade-specific requirements of products and services.

NGR® is a young team that unites a variety of competences with a highly international background. Every member of our staff has his own field of responsibility that allows him to use his full potential for the benefit of the company and clients. And in spite of all our different fortes we are united in one aspect: we love what we do!

NGR® International Stones for Living

Stones and the long way from the block to the finished final product have fascinated us for two generations.

Every day we are part of the creation of excellent products made from the most beautiful material the earth can provide us with. Every day our work contributes to the embellishment of fantastic habitats in lots of lovely places in our world. This is what drives us with enormous pleasure every day.

Do you share our enthusiasm for natural stone products? If so, we should meet and share our thoughts about our scope for synergies. Perhaps you would like to unload some of the burden of purchasing to allow you more room for your core business.


The demands on natural stone products grow continuously. Sourcing these products globally ties up a lot of resources of a company and entails high costs and risks. The search for reliable suppliers and high quality materials, regular travels to foreign countries, solid quality management and certification of products and suppliers are just a few of the factors that are big challenge for medium sized companies.

It is this burden that we can take from you in managing your stone imports. No matter if you need standardized products for your own range or individually created items for a specific project - together we can evaluate your requirements of a natural stone product of your choice. With these in mind we can find a suitable manufacturer. We surveille the production process from the extraction and the processing to the final quality control.

All our know-how and our energy go into the production of your natural stone products. This leaves you more time to concentrate on your core business, saves you costs and valuable time and reduces import-related risks. Through NGR® you have access to excellent manufacturing sites with highest possible quality standards.



Andreas Tenzer, a German philosopher, said: „Quality is the result of the attention to detail“. At NGR® we understand quality to be a continuous process of improvements that go beyond adhering to international standards. We want to spend all our energy on doing well what we do. Our goal is to make the very best out of every natural stone product and to inspire you with our products and services.



We love working with the most beautiful material on earth. This is why we invest all our time and passion in the development of new product ideas, new processing technologies and of course the search of new fascinating stones for our collection. For this we regularly visit the quarries and factories of this world and provide impetus that move the trends of the industry.

Raum +

Raum +

RAUM + by NGR® stands for a fluent transition from living space to garden. By reducing the number of materials used we achieve an appealing link between indoor- and outdoor architecture. Projects created with the RAUM + concept receive our full attention as many details from the selection of the ideal raw material to the finishing and the delivery on time need to be coordinated closely.


For our retail clients we offer a wide range of natural stone products from Asia, Europe and South America. Our core competencies comprise finished goods for designing private gardens and public areas, e.g. in basalt, diorite, gneiss, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, travertine and quartzite.

Stone with their fascinating diversity in color, shape and structure are endlessly manifold and at the same time every stone is unique. This is what has been our inspiration for many generations and which drives our passion every day.


For Living

Every building project is as individual as the people that live in it. Building with natural stones allows more liberty in building as planning does not have to be adapted to available products. On the contrary – sizes and finishes can be adapted to the exigencies of the design. Natural Stone will always remain unique and leaves room for the highest degree of individuality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at NGR® are convinced that companies can only be successful in the long term if sustainability and responsibility are part of their corporate identity. Fairness, respect and transparency in everyday relations with our clients and staff are an essential element of good corporate culture.

As a globally trading company we also feel responsible for the people in the developing countries that are part of the supply chain of our natural stone products.

For many years now we have been dedicated to the compliance and constant improvement of social and ecological production standards in the natural stone business.

All our contractual suppliers in Asia have committed themselves to the adherence to our code of conduct which is the basis of all our purchasing agreements. Our code of conduct defines social and ecological minimum standards in the supply chain of our products. One of the main demands of our contractual suppliers is for example the adherence to the IL conventions 138 and 182, significant labor rights (e.g. work safety), the ban of discrimination, adherence to minimum wages as well as the freedom of assembly and collective bargaining.

We cooperate with different labeling initiatives such as XertifiX and have initiated unannounced inspections at a multitude of the sites of our suppliers and subcontractors.

We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers, support the work of NGOs and are involved in important health- and educational projects from which many families in the natural stone industry benefit.


We strive for your brand! Individual shipping marks, professional product photos, sales brochures and presentations modules – we are very happy to support all your marketing activities. You can benefit from our know-how, our network of professional creative- and industry partners as well as our imaginative and dedicated staff.


The many years in the business have allowed us to build strong relations with our suppliers and logistics companies so that we are linked to all of the world. The NGR® team includes experts of the logistics- and forwarding sector to ensure a smooth transport of your goods. If so desired we can also organize all import formalities, temporary storage as well as delivery to any given destination.


All our products of NGR® can be found at our exhibition storage area in Germany:

NGR Natursteingesellschaft mbH
Kanalstrasse 52-62
D-48432 Rheine

Fon: +49 5971 96166-0
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